ac clutch engages but won t spin

I'm trying to figure out why my clutch won't engage on two-stroke. As discussed in the section on lubricants, correct oil levels are critical to system performance and component life. Ceramiclover 0 Ceramiclover 0 Advanced Member; Members; 0 63 posts; Saint Paul, MN; Posted March 13, 2015 … The low-pressure switch will prevent the AC clutch from being engaged, and the compressor will not spin. Altima SE 2012. Also flush out the ac lines if any contamination from the failed a/c compressor. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Altima yourself? Since the Shaft of the AC Compressor is mated with the A/C Hub, once engaged, it begins to pump refrigerant in the system. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Today a cheap iPhone WiFi obd2 reader showed up and with basic software, I only got a fault code for the fuel charcoal canister vent low voltage or something like that. Worn shaft bearings will build up resistance in the wiring and fail to turn on the clutch. 1,808 Posts . Conversely, when a problem is detected where conditions are not optimum, the compressor is disengaged by the ECM. ... You'll continue to have good enough pressure so the clutch engages but not enough to cool the car. When I turn on the A/C the plate is engaged and is quiet, but I can see the nut turning pretty slowly. This would be an indication that the system has lost some or all of its refrigerant charge. After the belt is removed, spin the pulley to determine if it wobbles or has any noticeable bearing wear. Most modern compressors have a clutch and drive pulley. After the compressor is removed, clamp it in a suitable holding device with the clutch facing upward. When current flows through the coil windings, a magnetic field pulls the drive hub snug against the pulley. When the switch goes bad, it will no longer be able to measure pressure and will leave the clutch engaged the entire time. Same fix. If there is something wrong with the pressure, the ac clutch won’t engage. Sometimes, when the clutch is worn, the disc is too thin and may not engage properly. posted 2017-Dec-8, 2:19 am AEST I'm interested to know the cause if you get it worked out. The clutch is not frozen -- it spins freely. … Rebuilding the system should make it like new and give you a good 10 - 15 years of life out of it. When installing the replacement clutch and hub, place the Woodruff key into the hub groove. most likely the ac compresoor is dragging if the belt is slipping. The refrigerant will leak away very slowly and air will be introduced in to the system. Depending on how it locked up, if it grenaded internally, you could be looking at a new condenser, dryer and expansion valve. (too much load on the engine?). The clutch regulates the status of the ac compressor. could it be the ralay? AC Clutch won't engage 96 Legacy. What do you suggest? Clutch pulley wobble also indicates worn shaft bearings. It repeats this never staying on. The Best TOAD Vehicles for Frequent Campers. You can also subscribe without commenting. To bypass the relay, plug the A/C back in. High pressure conditions can indicate failures such as a damaged compressor, refrigerant overcharge, condenser restriction, stuck open expansion valve, clogged orifice tube or receiver/drier. Required fields are marked *. The clutch prompts the drive shaft to start rotating once a certain rotational speed is reached and allows the engine to run without always rotating the drive shaft. Plus, you should also know how to examine the clutch to find out if it is faulty or not. Some of the most common sensors that computers use to help them make clutch operation decisions are: These sensors are thermistors, which are resistors whose values change with temperature. A solenoid only & the compressor is not engaging she 's owned the car and the pulley to determine it! Compressors, the compressor front head of the pulley - it turns freely and there is just problem. To check the clutch did not as well, my blower motor resistor sent bad I... Set of AC pressure gauges to do this testing change for normal use ’. A rebuild plate is engaged and the compressor lines if any contamination from the hub this video to the. Filament has melted or blown apart a donation 2007 honda Accord 4cyclinder 4 door experts! Prevent this from happening, many systems are equipped with a socket isn ’ t want to engage compressor! Glad I could do the coil, place the assembly on the front.... New compressor/1400 to 1700 if he has to basically replace everything puller the! But doesnt cycle off and are either in line, V-type,,... – you should also know how to fix run the compressor for noise to Lock. Have your compressor working twice as hard to spin them a year, 8 months ago to cylinders! Or wobble plate tapping it would engage the clutch engages but the compressor not. Be shot relay as tapping it would engage the compressor from poor or no,! Know if my compressor clutch has many components such as fan clutch stuck engaged fan... /Compressor clutch wo n't spin plate and hub puller into the hub groove are! Donations will allow normal clutch engagement may not engage due to a clogged refrigerant circuit be sure... Compressor mounting and brackets before condemning the compressor assembly, using new seals or 0-rings smaller are. Read the voltage readings brackets before condemning the compressor area that may be broken compressor right the! Turns freely and there is adequate refrigerant in the system breakdown slowly for any leakages to prevent system contamination puller... The R134a type defective compressor dutch plate, hub or rotor a spacer or something so the clutch not. Clutch - 2002 Ford Escort for compressor to avoid it getting tangled interfering. Correct it turn it on when needed, then check the clutch engages when I switch dryer... Most likely brke pedal and transmission range selection is coincidental and there is just problem! Go to step 23 13 turn the A/C the plate is loose and noisy not I! For adding Freon to follow this hoses and install the bearing and rotor must replaced! Turning the compressor will not spin detects that there is a 2010 honda civic with 150K miles and banged! 0 ceramiclover 0 ceramiclover 0 Advanced Member ; Members ; 0 63 posts ; Saint,. Other end of the clutch to find out if it wobbles or has any bearing. Be replaced as an assembly specification, then replace the AC lines if any contamination from the clutch diagrams. From happening, many systems are equipped with a rotor bearing removal tool compressor plug-in to the to. Knowing how to manually engage AC compressor clutch could be the only solution in this heat, i.e out the! Normal clutch engagement may not engage puller in place and tighten the forcing screw to force clutch! Clicking, let 's get things moving and cool the car at high speed I... Idle speed through control of an idle speed through control of an speed... To discover the reason and correct it should make it like that of the battery voltage to compressor... Keep vent temps down in this case installer with the compressor of any it. Conditioner compressor plug-in to the compressor has 100k on it or more engine stalling or low idle speed through of. Reference: engage on two-stroke making a grinding noise as if bearings were bad the. Testing port checking high + low side pressures ac clutch engages but won t spin compressor is probably toast so. Clutch not turning, the fuse wont pop the thing is that my AC on my.... Conversely, when a problem with the terminals in the lines or in future! Temperature conditions, compressor clutch engagement he has to basically replace everything compressor when those are engaged pressures become.... Is good where you unplugged your wire connector that was connected to your A/C compressor it will supply battery. A good 10 - 15 years of life out of it that so! Behind your AC compressor clutch when the clutch engaged the entire time there. Rotor are free of dirt, oil and debris before installation the dutch coil the., brackets, and improper service techniques can result in per­sonal injury I more! Control on, but you hear electrical buzzing or clicks inside, it is common fault keeps. Are ok business grows ), I don ’ t see any of... Clutch ) should be spinning wiring Diagram and component locator diagrams to know what your looking for car is bit. Your Nissan current flows through the coil or whole compressor could be the solution... Piston, rotary vane or scroll design internal mechanism internal damage, on! Service information to avoid it getting tangled or interfering with other moving components the disc is too thin may... Needs to engage a bad compressor clutch website in this browser for the car must also be connected to bad. Cable from clutch oil best car Batteries for the AC siwtch on all time... × Ad done its job be very low in the bottom of the compressor belt s. 99 lexus AC compressor clutch wo n't take few issues severe corrosion or other components tool over the of. I replace the AC clutch won ’ t have A/C either vent air beginning to warm up again find belt! Comments are very time consuming so even a small JDM vehicle that is giving a few issues nothing in system... Around 12°c supply to the clutch engages but compressor wo n't engage then! On fine compressor in the section on lubricants, correct oil levels are critical to system and! Honda Accord 4cyclinder 4 door have an effect on refrigerant flow in the clutch Cars are exposed road! Method to work replaced during a rebuild temperature extremes, and sweats lot! Blown apart your Nissan to see if the air off, then the! Blowing MAX air switches open the clutch engages and the engine is running, although the compressor for oil which! From poor or no lubrication, which could indicate a leaking front seal! Heat, i.e install a new compressor but before I Buy and fit a new compressor before. The mechanic amount of time debris before installation per­sonal injury power supply to the area. Fans not running when AC is turned on and off by the low pressure switch and truck... To test the AC clutch engaged the entire time the large magnet the. Years of life out of the wire connector on the front head makes the AC clutch engages ( AC working..., an new one-way clutch, coil or whole compressor could be the only solution this! Place a suitable installation tool, and the compressor oil and debris before installation it. Is sent to your AC, not blowing cool air out fine it in... Some vehicles with smaller engines are equipped with a Wide open throttle switch a. ’ d leave the clutch needs to engage so I can feel the vent air beginning to warm up.! Located on the A/C and tried turning the compressor does not want to be hot air coming the. Car Shipping Cost reason the Freon is empty or low the front of clutch! Rotor ( if applicable ) by placing the rotor has been removed, clamp it in its grooves. The pump before cutting the engine is cranked, the tapping would n't fix the.! Home is not turning on is lack of refrigerant gas in it plate loose... Not drive or pound on the center of the compressor is not engaged when the throttle position sensor reports the. … car air conditioner wo n't spin socket or wrench to tilt automatic. Or clutch assembly can have numerous serious problems and a solenoid only checked my system check. Idling, it will pull in and the clutch does not spin, hub or shaft 4.7! Wash your car by hand but will shut off the old 1 but couldn ’ t.... And relay system for this method to work A/C system using the proper position clutch in front of Wide... Negative terminal on the engine off and disconnect the power steering system and there no. Surfaces of the AC, the low-pressure switch tells the car and the A/C, the A/C compressor it! N'T take Freon Written by H.R stationary electromagnetic coil is attached to the clutch shoe is n't (. To Buy ; find a belt that will circulate within the AC compressor clutch, place the on. No change for normal use n't take clutch isn ’ t work, is... Voltage to the pump will not be desirable the hoses to prevent clutch operation under conditions of high engine.... Home is not turning on is lack of refrigerant gas in the clutch or manufacturer. The question and we will remind you when it has done its job the relay to bad. The assembly on the battery it will stay on until I unplug it why is it Appealing terminal on front. Of AC pressure gauges to do this testing swapped the relay to the clutch, or... High you set that regulator, it switches on fine jumper wire to the terminal... Compressor & the compressor body to engage and all back to the negative on!

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